Mission and vision

Provalence is an entrepreneurial affiliation of the best consulting firms by activity sector in the province. Our mission is to offer a superior and integrated service with a 360 degree approach that drives businesses by creating maximum value with minimal delay. Our vision is to revolutionize consulting services for SMEs, position ourselves as provincial leaders in specialized consultation and raise the global Quebec economy by facilitating the value generation of its businesses.


Our approach uses the strength of independent businesses. The partners of our affiliation are evaluated by competent professionals using strict criteria and are subject to the highest of standards. Provalence’s integrators execute our ‘valuation process’ with which they communicate with the managers in order to indentify their needs and opportunities, and select the best service providers to meet these needs. The different deliverables are coordinated by our integrators in order to offer a full service that is integrated and optimal.

Value creation

Operational improvement aside, our valuation process identifies the ‘blind spots’ within a business : the areas where optimization generates value through profitability, risk management, and productivity. This exercise becomes highly lucrative for businesses and their owners in a context of sale or transfer, where each recurring dollar of supplemental profit multiplies several time in the company's value.



Offered by Provalence

  •   Valuation process
  •   Strategic services
  •   Transfer, sale and succession
  •   Complimentary due diligence


Offered by Partners

  •   Strategic hiring
  •   Pension plan
  •   Group insurance
  •   SST services
  •   Pay equity
  •   1% Tax Law
  •   Legal services
  •   Accounting and tax services
  •   Tax credits and subsidies
  •   Human resources management
  •   Organizational performance
  •   Risk management
  •   Non-life insurance
  •   Financing
  •   Cybersecurity
  •   Online marketing





1411 Rue Peel #500
Montréal, QC H3A 1S5
Email : info@provalence.ca




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